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    Toll of Belonging


    Family, culture, identity can all keep us stuck and afraid to move about freely and then we impose the same on others.


    Let’s be direct. We are all in the middle of an identity crisis. Our communities, churches, schools and families are shifting. We don’t know where we will all land.
    One thing that can remain secure is your relationship with your SELF as it all moves around you.


    When we don’t do our own emotional work, the people in our lives end up doing it for us. Most of your stress and pain is due to others in your life who won’t/don’t get healing.


    Doing your own emotional healing is a gift to yourself and your loved ones and the generations to come. Sound like a big deal? It is. It’s the very biggest deal.


    The clinicians and coaches here at
    MOOD have done and are doing their own healing.