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  • I Can Help With Your Anxiety

    Bremen Acord, LCSW, MSW, Life Decisions

    Anxiety feels awful. It’s helpful and we need it to propel us into action to make sure we actually take care of ourselves, but it’s certainly not pleasant.

    Working with me you’ll learn that anxiety is more than a simple diagnosis, but actually a natural mind/body process with one sole purpose- self-preservation. We’ll work together to form a sort of relationship with that process where you can become mindful of the triggers and bodily sensations fueled by the anxiety (and this is the hard part) confront the anxiety. This means learning to become present and sit with the anxious sensations, listen to its message, and stop making attempts to avoid it.

    Often times the anxiety you’re feeling is rooted in past experiences when your body genuinely needed to protect itself from some perceived environmental threat. Now, when faced with similar challenges, you end up projecting that same fear into the present in the form of anxiety. Without addressing those experiences your mind and body feel the need to continue protecting yourself from similar triggers.

    Working with therapy to solve the actual problem may not be easy, but you will soon gain compassion for yourself in a way that you won’t need to keep fighting the anxiety. You will simply learn to notice it and address what it’s telling you.

    It will be liberating. 

    I have helped many individuals just like you and look forward to working together.

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